Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Moscot Remains Competitive for More Than 5 Generations

"Recent years, the eyewear industry is becoming an increasingly unfriendly place for mom-and-pop shops. Customers are moving online, hungry upstarts are disrupting the industry by eschewing storefronts and middlemen and major brands are combining forces to stop the young lions in their tracks. With all this upheaval, how is a family-owned optics shop with nearly a century of history supposed to keep up?" asks Mashable. "By embracing its niche position in the market and keeping all of its operations in-house, Dr. Harvey Moscot, the fourth-generation owner and president of Moscot Eyewear says. 'We stay competitive by being experts in what we do,' he tells Mashable . 'There are five generations of professionals, both opticians and optometrists. At Moscot, it’s all about quality and proper fit. At Moscot, it’s all about quality and proper fit.'" Read more, see video.

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