Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Von Furstenberg and Others Team Up with Google Glass

"There's only so much Google can do to dress up (or hide) the chunky metal object protruding off of a Glass wearer's face," writes the website Fast Company. "Certainly more frame options in different shapes, sizes, and colors will appeal to a broader set of people. But will this partnership help Glass overcome its cyborg reputation, when not much else has worked? The initial frames, which came out in January, were a huge step up from naked-Glass. This doesn't push the needle too much further. Nor does the mere attachment to DVF's brand guarantee success. Since its inception, Glass has made alliances with the fashion world. Diane Von Furstenberg has already collaborated with Glass, having her models walk the runway with the face accessory. That, plus a spread in Vogue, plus a push at fashion week, haven't diminished the curse of the Glasshole. What makes this DVF partnership any different than those efforts? Google, to its credit, has not given up on the fashion angle. Earlier this month, the company hired marketing fashion guru Ivy Ross to improve Glass's mass perception. Ross has worked with Calvin Klein, Swatch, Gap, Coach, and others. This DVF collaboration will likely be the first of many brand partnerships. Google's deal with eyewear giant Luxottica suggests Glass frames will eventually be available in many varieties at a mall near you." Read more.

This came in later from VSP Global: Today, Diane von Furstenberg and Google join forces to launch the DVF | Made for Glass collection, a collaboration that melds the boldness and creativity of Glass Explorers with the confidence and independence of the DVF Woman. The brands first collaborated on a short film “DVF Through Glass” which provided an insider’s view of Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2013 runway show. The limited edition collection of frames and shades is a watershed moment between technology and fashion. Read more.

A few days later, Marchon received this coverage from Newsday: "The DVF | Made for Glass collection, the first line of designer frames for Glass, is the product of a partnership between Google Inc. and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, who has had a licensing agreement with Marchon since 2009 to manufacture her eyeglass designs. Marchon, which was acquired by California vision care company VSP Global in 2008, is the third largest manufacturer and distributor of eyewear in the world, with combined net sales of about $1 billion a year." Read more.

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