Friday, November 23, 2012

Word Recognition Patterns Change with Age

"Unique research into eye-movements of young and old people while reading discovers that word recognition patterns change as we grow older," says a Science Daily post. "The researchers [from the University of Leicester] conducted experiments that used very precise measures of readers' eye movements to assess how well they read lines of text that had been digitally manipulated to enhance the salience of different visual information. For instance, sometimes the text was blurred and other times the features of the individual letters were sharply defined. The results showed that whereas young adults (18-30 years) found it easiest to read lines of text when the fine visual detail was present, this was more difficult for older adults (65+years), who found it easier to read more blurred text. These findings support the view that older adults use a different reading strategy from younger adults and that they rely more than young adults on holistic cues to the identities of words, such as word shape." Read more.

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