Friday, November 16, 2012

Essilor Foundation Takes Over Iris Vision Clinic Van

After more than 15 years, 200,000 miles and thousands of children helped, Iris has earned her retirement! However, OneSight’s first-ever vision van isn’t heading for the Florida sun, but instead has found an exciting new home and purpose.

Recently sold to Essilor Foundation, Iris will continue giving back to those in need by becoming a vision van for clinics throughout Texas and surrounding states. Essilor Foundation currently has mobile doctor lanes and is excited to welcome Iris as their first van with a semi-finished lab inside.

Launched in 1995, Iris revolutionized OneSight programs by taking vision care directly to communities in need. Highlights from her rich history include:
• Traveling from “see to shining see” across the US, Canada and Mexico
• Aiding in critical disaster relief efforts from hurricane Katrina and tornados
• Hosting volunteer Mary Wilson, of the “Supremes” at a Krohn Conservatory Clinic
• Logging over 200,000 miles including a trip down the famous route 66
• Celebrating her final trip for OneSight in November 2010 at a Clinic in Vancouver, Canada

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  1. It is appreciated that you are giving eyecare facilities to the people.

    There should be a regular eye check-up also besides all important precautions.

    I suggest two donation based eye clinics for poor patients for checkup and surgeries, Vision Trust Eye Clinic and Mehr-un-Nisa Eye Clinic for Eye Surgeon

    And please send your donations to us to help us helping more eye patients.

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