Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some States Struggle Setting Up Insurance Exchanges

"The days since President Obama won re-election have been marked by tension and angst in Republican-led states like Iowa, where Gov. Terry Branstad has waited until the last minute to decide whether to create a crucial tool for people to get medical coverage under Mr. Obama’s health care law," according to the New York Times. "'There has been a total blackout of information,' said State Senator Jack Hatch, a Democrat who vented his frustration at a news conference here this week. 'We’re behind schedule, we’re at a disadvantage, and I don’t know what our governor’s plan is to reposition Iowa.' States are supposed to tell the Obama administration by Friday whether they want to create their own health insurance exchange — a deadline that many had bet might never come to pass, choosing to sit on their hands for months in the hope that Mitt Romney would win the presidency and the health care law would be repealed." Read more.

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