Wednesday, November 7, 2012

College Squash Assn. Issues Warning about Safety Eyewear

"As the season gets underway, teams and players are reminded that proper eyewear is required for all college squash matches, including warmups and match play," notes a post from the College Squash Association. "Standard eyewear (i.e. everyday prescription glasses) may not be worn in place of acceptable eyewear. The CSA has detailed Eyewear Rules, which includes the following language:
"Approved eyewear must be worn for the entirety of a match, from the beginning of the warm-up until the match’s conclusion. Standard eyeglasses may not be worn in lieu of approved eyewear, even if the eyeglasses have plastic lenses. In the event of a player not having approved eyewear for their match, the rules for a self-inflicted injury apply. In the event that a player’s eyewear breaks during a match, the injury rule may be required to determine the result. This would only be needed in the case of prescription glasses that can not be immediately replaced. In the event of a player not having approved eyewear and a suitable replacement not being found, the player may forfeit the match."
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