Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OneSight Launches Pilot Program in Cincinnati

OneSight is preparing to launch OneSight Vision Center at CityLink, a new community-based program created to eliminate vision care as a barrier for the working poor. OneSight is setting up the pilot program about 20 miles from Luxottica's North American headquarters in Mason, Ohio. Cincinnati is actually the third poorest city in the United States. One in four people in Cincinnati live below the poverty line. This incredible need inspired multiple organizations to come together to create CityLink Center, a new holistic facility that brings essential support services together under one roof to help people climb out of poverty. According to Dr. Jason Singh, OD, Vice President and Executive Director of OneSight, vision care nearly topped the list of needs. "In a survey of prospective CityLink clientele, 71% ranked the need for Vision and Dental Services as critical to their success. In fact, only Job Help ranked higher (74%) in terms of essential support,” he said. Read more.

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