Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Americans Delay Vision Care

Although 85 percent of Americans recognize that managing their vision health right now means less to worry about in the future, a new Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield survey found that one in five Americans delayed their annual eye exam because they were too busy. This is of concern, as a routine eye exam can help detect serious health conditions such as diabetes. In fact, 89 percent of Americans surveyed know eye exams can detect such chronic illnesses.
Additional survey results found:
  • Half of Americans who participated in the survey (49 percent) say at times they feel overwhelmed by the number of items on their daily “to-do” list.
  • More than half of Americans who participated in the survey (52 percent) wish it were easier to make vision care a priority in their lives.
  • Nearly half of Americans who responded to the survey (46 percent) also wish they had more help managing their daily life, including their health.
  • Four in ten Americans who participated in the survey (42 percent) wish there were more resources available to help them manage their busy schedule.
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 Meanwhile in Scotland, "the number of people having eye tests in Scotland has increased since free tests were introduced, a study has found. However, people from poorer households are less likely to have a test than those who were better off, according to the University of Aberdeen research," according to the Daily Record. "The study found that the uptake of eye care in Scotland has moved into line with the rest of the UK since the introduction of the free tests north of the border in April 2006." Read more.

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