Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apps for Smart Phones from AllaboutVision has added new smart-phone apps that range from fun visual illusions to useful medication reminders on its Eye-Related Downloads and Apps page.The page contains more than 30 eye-related resources that include apps for the Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, as well as printable handouts and guides for eye health and safety. Eye Color Booth, Optical Illusions and MedMinder are among the newest apps on the page. A photography app for the Android, Eye Color Booth changes the eye color in photos to create artistic effects. It also lets users try on a new eye color if they’re considering color contacts. Optical illusions is another Android app with 98 fun visual illusions that can be emailed or shared on Facebook with friends. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users can download a similar app called Eye Illusions and Mind Tricks for device wallpaper. You can get the apps here.

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