Thursday, September 26, 2013

Contact Lens Card Cheat Gets Jail in Europe

"An Italian has been sentenced to two years in prison after using infra-red contact lenses to count cards marked with invisible ink, in a daring poker scam believed to be 'the first of its kind in Europe,'" reports the Telegraph. "The self-styled 'player and cheat of international renown' impressed even the presiding judge for his sophisticated use of 'old techniques and high-end technology' to win thousands of pounds at a casino in the French Côte d'Azur resort of Cannes. The court in Grasse heard how Stefano Ampollini, 56 – code name Parmesan – turned up to 'Les Princes' casino in the Mediterranean resort in August 2011, wearing a set of infra-red contact lenses purchased online from China for 2,000 euros." Read more.

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