Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ABO/NCLE Ends Grace Period for Certification

ABO/NCLE has ended its grace period for opticians who wish to remain ABO and/or NCLE certified. Here's a copy of the notice that has been emailed to opticians.

This notice is to advise you that your ABO and/or NCLE certification is going to expire on 12/31/2013.  This is the absolute last date for you to complete all of your credits and your payment due for re-certification and to submit documentation showing proof of completion of the required number of CECs.  There is no 4th year, suspension year, late fee period, or grace period [the blog's emphasis].  If you do not submit your appropriate credits and payment(s) due by 12/31/2013, your certification will expire, and you will be required to re-take the examination(s) in order to become ABO and/or NCLE Certified again.  There are no exceptions [ABO/NCLE emphasis].

To renew your certification through 12/31/2016, you must:

1.) Complete the required number of hours of continuing education on or before December 31, 2013. ABO Certified: 12 ABO approved CECs (up to 3 may be NCLE approved). NCLE Certified: 18 NCLE approved CECs (up to 6 may be ABO approved). ABO & NCLE Certified: 21 CECs total (9 ABO approved and 12 NCLE approved).

2.)  Submit your CECs or proof of current state licensed (only if your state requires continuing education to renew) by December 31, 2013.  The ABO renewal fee is $85.  The NCLE renewal fee is $85.

You worked hard to earn your certification, don't let it slip away!

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