Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VSP Tells California to Use Colorado Model for Stand Alones

“VSP Vision Care has advice for board members from Covered California when they meet Thursday to decide how and when to offer stand-alone vision and other supplemental benefits in the new health insurance marketplace: look at Colorado.” That’s the report from the Sacramento Business Journal. “Last week, Connect for Health Colorado voted to provide direct access to stand-alone vision plans for consumers via a link during the health insurance enrollment process that starts Oct. 1. Like other states — including California — Colorado hit a stumbling block in March when new federal rules narrowed the way supplemental plans can be offered in exchanges. These products can be offered by separate state programs that share resources and infrastructure with a state-based exchange, but federal subsidies can’t be used for non-essential benefits — nor can exchange administrative fees support them.” For more details, read more.

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