Monday, June 17, 2013

How Some People View Eyewear

If you want to get an idea why online retailers are making some inroads in the eyewear market, read this first paragraph from a the press release of a new online retailer: “People looking to save money this summer on prescription eyeglasses can now turn to for cheap eyewear online. People cannot afford to waste money on the over-priced eyeglasses sold in retail stores across the United States. With all of the things people will need to save money for this summer, including gas for drives down the beach, food for BBQ’s, and rent for the beach house, having to worry about paying for eyeglasses is a drag. But now, offers stylish frames for as low as $5.95, so there will be plenty of money left over for another adventurous summer.” Six bucks for eyewear. Makes one wonder. Read more.

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