Friday, June 7, 2013

Essilor Goes to Extremes to Test Xperio

Essilor is running what it’s calling the Extreme Testing project in the Canadian Arctic with scientist and polar traveller Eric Brossier. Brossier, who crosses the Canadian Arctic on the scientific observation vessel the Vagabond, lives under extreme light and weather conditions with his family, often facing freezing temperatures (-40°c), harsh winds, and periods of midnight sun and polar night. For four months, Brossier and his family will carry out a number of tests using 12 high-performance indoor and outdoor Essilor lenses, including the Xperio. Eric and his family have to undergo long hours of vision with only artificial and dim light during the 24-hour nigh period. Essilor believes that his findings will allow it to improves its high-performance lenses. Read more.

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