Monday, December 19, 2011

When Are Eyewear Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs?

Recently Forbes magazine released a list of the 30 socially responsible organizations in the world. The list included the decade-old VisionSpring. A minor controversy has emerged: "All the rest of the people on this list just don’t fit Forbes’ own description of social entrepreneurs. The majority of them are working in non-profit organizations – Jen Chen of Embrace, Darell Hammond of KaBoom, Sara Horowitz of Freenlancers Union, Jordan Kassalow of VisionSpring and so on. Again, they all do an important job, tackling critical social issues, from providing reasonably priced health insurance to the self-employed (Freelancers Union) to providing affordable reading glasses (VisionSpring), but none of these organizations are for-profit." That's the notion from Triplepundit, a media organization for companies who are concerned about the bottom line and social and environmental impact. Read more.

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