Friday, December 30, 2011

Snooki Poses with Her New NYS Eyewear

Jersey Shore iinterest, Snooki, posted pictures of herself wearing her new "nerdz" eyewear on Twitter.Why should any individual care? It's beyond us, but apparently they, including your patients, do. The news coverage amazed us. For example, the Daily Mail ran with this important tidbit about the Garden State native: "In recent days she has parade her slimmer frame on Twitter, posting a series of sexy snaps.In her latest round of snaps promoting her glasses, she is also posed up with her father Andy. Snooki already has a range of sunglasses that she created with NYS Collection Eyewear." Read more.

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  1. These smart glasses for blind doesn't get as much attention as NYS but they do help to "see and read" partially sighted people. The tiny camera attachment that can snap on to any glasses can read, identify objects and recognize faces and let its wearer know about what is in front of it in real time.