Thursday, December 22, 2011

Internet Acts Like a Personal Optician, Says Study

Working longer and having access to the Internet, people in the United Kingdom reportedly are looking for answers to vision care online, according to a survey by Online Optician. Online Optician notes that Internet vision care cannot replace a visit to a qualified optician, but the Net can be  an education medium. Research in online searching behaviour shows that hundreds of thousands of people are using the internet for performing searches relating to contact lenses every month. One such example of this is the number of videos on YouTube relating to inserting and removing contact lenses. In addition to this, a large number of people are performing searches for contact lens reviews and information relating to wearing contact lenses for the first time. The benefit of this to consumers of medical devices such as glasses and contact lenses is that they are able to have a more informed consultation with the optician prescribing them with eye care products, and are in a better position to ask questions when they have taken the time to learn about available options.Read more.

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