Saturday, December 24, 2011

MDs Saving Sight in Sudan

"One day after performing surgery in a rural South Sudan village, Dr. Geoffrey Tabin carefully removed bandages from the eyes of a woman who had lost her sight to cataracts. Her reaction was jubilant: “Oh, I can see!” Another man who had his vision restored started to sing and dance. That’s the report from John Dau, one of Sudan’s Lost Boys who settled in Syracuse in 2001 after living in a refugee camp for 10 years. Now 37 years old, he has spent the last five years raising money and trying to improve conditions in his native village of Duk Payuel." That's the beginning of a post on "A medical team including four eye doctors and support staff from Utah traveled to the eastern African nation this month to perform 300 surgeries to restore sight lost to cataracts and glaucoma." Read more.

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