Saturday, December 10, 2011

Buddy Holly in CLs. Say It Ain't So. Well, Maybe

"Buddy Holly wearing contact lenses? That’ll be the day." That's the start of a post from the Buddy Holly Archives. "It might have happened except for poor technology, Dr. J. Davis Armistead and Phil Silvers, not necessarily in that order. 'Back in the early days of contact lenses, the technology had not been developed,' said Armistead, a longtime Lubbock optometrist who counted Holly among his patients. 'I had gone to a contact lens seminar in Los Angeles, and Buddy wanted me to try and fit him.' Holly, who would in just a short time become one of the most influential performers ever to appear on the rock ‘n’ roll scene, became a patient of Armistead’s while in junior high. As Holly’s musical talent blossomed, Armistead said Holly was not convinced eyewear should be a part of his on-stage personality." Read more.

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