Saturday, September 12, 2015

Online Contact Lens Exams: The Way of the Future?

In February 2014, Optometry Times reported: "Patients may soon be able to undergo a refraction online through in a matter of minutes and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional exam, but the company doesn’t intend for its test to replace a complete eye exam. 'We hope (doctors) realize we are not looking to replace them and understand that we are looking to innovate this space,' says Aaron Dallek, Opternative CEO, speaking exclusively to Optometry Times. 'We hope that this is something that forward-thinking optometrists and ophthalmologists start using.'" (Read more.)

Ophthalmologists talk about the development. Surprisingly, many do not have grave reservations about the development. Optometrists, on the other hand, hold more reservations, primarily fearing that individuals will behave as if Opternative-like exams can replace complete eye exams. Read more.

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