Monday, September 28, 2015

Jets Linebacker Mauldin Back In with Contact Lenses

Two weeks ago, New York Jets rookie linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin suffered a scary injury in his NFL debut. The game against the Cleveland Browns was delayed for several minutes, Mauldin was carted off the field and went straight to the hospital. It was later determined he had suffered a concussion, which was made worse by one of his frequent migraine headaches, a condition that is now being treated, he says, by tinted contact lenses," goes the Yahoo! Sports post. "The science is developing but the theory goes that certain migraine conditions can be treated through tinted lenses. Migraines can develop for a variety of reasons, and one of which is exposure to light and in particular, fluorescent lights. The tinting of contact lenses can help limit the impact of light entering the eye. 'I have contacts now that limit the sunlight to my pupils. It helps a lot,' Mauldin told Shutdown Corner. 'It's normal eyesight, nothing different that way it just has a slight shade to it. Still see the same colors, it's just not as bright. So it is supposed to help me and maybe I won't have migraines as often.' Mauldin said that things like driving or playing at night won't be affected. It should be a positive change with no drawbacks for him." Read more.

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