Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chromos--Warby Parker's Online Competitor

"Now there is a local company that brings the mission (and design aesthetic) closer to home. Chromos Eyewear, founded by Daniel Childs, offers a line of hip eyewear designed by Childs which works on a buy one, give one model," reports Next Pittsburgh. "Childs is no stranger to the eyewear business. He’s the son of Norman Childs, Pittsburgh’s iconic eyewear maker. While in business school at Syracuse University, Childs launched Chromos Eyewear with a line of sunglasses that fill a gap in the market. 'The sunglass industry was separated into two major tiers: established brands charging over $100 for a quality frame, and their flimsy and essentially disposable $15 counterparts,' says Childs. 'I wanted to fill that by creating a line of durably crafted, stylish eyewear at a more reasonable price point.' Chromos Eyewear, launched online in 2013, was a hit and Childs followed with eyeglass frames." Read more.

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