Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Peak at VSP's Augmented Reality Eyewear (Project Genesis)

"The beginnings of The Shop and by extension, Project Genesis, came about because of what the company saw as a rise in personalized health care and data-driven fitness tech," goes the Engadget post. "'For the last two years and change, we took the time to do a deep dive into all the areas that could disrupt us,' explained Leslie Muller, who heads up the East Coast arm of The Shop over in New York. The fact that augmented and virtual reality -- both wearable technologies that sit in front of your eyes instead of on your wrist -- were up and coming was a big hint to Sales that the team was on the right track. 'Google Glass really knocked a pretty big hole in the wall for us,' he said. 'It became really obvious that we needed to make our own mark on this. Build our own platform, but put it in something that's not only socially acceptable, but beautiful.' He was wearing a Project Genesis prototype when I met him, but I couldn't tell at first that he had on anything out of the ordinary. They look like an utterly normal pair of black rim glasses. Unlike Google's Project Glass, it doesn't seem even remotely Borg-like, and I could easily see myself walking down the street wearing this without feeling like I would get stared at by strangers." Read more.

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