Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Eyewear from Silhouette

"What defines the glasses that take on every challenge? They must be sturdy yet light, minimalist yet comfortable. They must be able to withstand changing daily pressures – from meetings to workouts. Silhouette’s new rimless collection – SPX Match – does just this. It radiates a casual chic look and all 12 models in 12 colors will be available from September 2015 worldwide," says Midwest Lens. "Incredibly light and crafted from the versatile synthetic material SPX+, the SPX Match hits the mark with its bi-color design. The casual color combinations, matt surface finish and strikingly athletic lines convey the innate dynamism of these glasses. And the exciting 3D sculpting of Silhouette’s own synthetic material SPX+ brings the stunning design of the SPX Match to life in look and feel." Read more.

1 comment:

  1. Very light but well made. The optics are not as good as Zeiss. The pd seems to be off just slightly on the right. Since all faces are not symmetrical, mine being one, the glasses are hard to keep adjusted.

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