Saturday, August 22, 2015

Davis Vision Being Challenged on Two Fronts, Says PBJ

"Davis Vision’s strategy of creating a 'vertically integrated vision company' — one that manages vision benefits, makes eye glasses and has an affiliate that operates a network of eyeglass stores — is being challenged on two fronts," reports the Philadelphia Business Journal (PBJ). "Earlier this month, U.S. Rep. Earl L. 'Buddy' Carter, R-Georgia, introduced the 'Dental and Optometric Care Access Act' to 'provide fairness in contracts between doctors and insurers to increase the quality of care for patients and eliminate anti-competitive practices.' The DOC Access Act would allow dentists and optometrists to charge a fair and customary amount for the services that are not covered under an insurance plan rather than the insurer’s mandated fee schedule, and prohibit restricting a doctor’s choice of a lab.
Also this month, Illinois-based ophthalmic lens manufacturer Acuity Optical filed amendments to its antitrust lawsuit, originally filed in September 2014, that alleges Davis Vision is violating federal and state laws through actions that include requiring optometrists and opticians to exclusively use Davis Vision’s ophthalmic lens manufacturing laboratories for all Davis Vision’s members’ prescription eyeglass lens manufacturing orders." Read more.

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