Sunday, February 23, 2014

VSP Expects Growth in Near Term

“Rob Lynch, president and CEO of VSP Global in Rancho Cordova, says ‘this isn’t just a vision service company anymore,’” says a post from the Sacramento Bee. “That’s easy to see, just from the numbers alone. What most knew simply as a provider of vision benefits and services a generation ago has grown into a nearly 5,600-employee international enterprise overseeing companies touching all aspects of the vision industry – member benefits, vision practice assistance/development, eyewear, customized lenses, software and ophthalmic technology.

“About 2,000 VSP Global employees work in five buildings in and around the square-mile campus in Rancho Cordova, and VSP Global companies operate in 100 countries on six continents. The long-standing core vision benefits/services entity, VSP Vision Care, now has 64 million members and a network of 30,000 eye doctors nationwide. Lynch sees more growth ahead. ‘The way we’re organized, there’s nothing exactly like us. ... We’re very excited about what the future holds,’ he said.” Read more.

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