Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Epiphany Promises Google Glass a Run for Its Money

"Google Glass might have just met its match," predicts LA Weekly. "Two-year-old Epiphany Eyewear boasts that its glasses do everything that Google's do - without making you look like a character on Star Trek. Even better: Unlike Google's version, they're available now for purchase. L.A.-based Epiphany was founded by a Stanford student and a UCLA student in 2012. Their mission: to create a pair of augmented-reality glasses accessible to the everyday person.

Looks like they've succeeded: While the Mountain View-based tech giant is still only offering glasses to select customers on a waiting list, Epiphany execs says they're ready to ship 'imminently.' Best of all? They'll set you back just $299 for the base model." Read more.

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