Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New from Zyloware’s Red Lotus

“Watching demographic trends and listening to retail requests for eyewear that is both fashionable as well as designed to fit, Zyloware announces the launch of Red Lotus by Zyloware,” according to Midwest Lens. “The collection, which includes elements such as rich colors, animal prints, layers and engravings that match styling women want, specifically fits broader faces, flatter bridges, high cheekbones and/or wide foreheads. These unique facial bone structures cause problems such as frames sliding down the wearer’s nose, resting on their temples or cheekbones, sitting too high or too low, or feeling too narrow at the sides of their head or nose. These fitting needs addressed by Red Lotus, which are most often identifiable as needs of Asian Americans, are designed for women of any ethnic background.” Read more.

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