Thursday, August 15, 2013

Help CL Patients with J&J Kit

The American Optometric Association notes that Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Vision & Contact Lenses offers helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” for handling and wearing contact lenses and offers some easy-to-follow steps on how to reduce the risk of contact lens-related infection through proper use and care of contact lenses as well as lens-care products such as contact lens cases.

It also includes a section for eye care professionals and/or staff to fill out with patients to reinforce replacement schedules, proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques, and a reminder on when to change their contact lens case. Information about other resources where consumers can find helpful information about proper wear and care is also included.

Healthy Vision & Contact Lenses is available in both PDF and print versions. The PDF copies, which practitioners can customize/personalize to include their contact information can be viewed and downloaded at The print versions include 50 tear-sheets on a pad.

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