Monday, February 14, 2011

An Optician by Any Other Name Is Not an Optician

“The Optometry Board of Australia has sent a letter warning 'optical dispensers' to cease using the title 'optician' or 'dispensing optician,'” according to MIVision. “The letter states that 'Section 113 of the National Law lists the protected titles for optometry as “optometrist” and “ optician” ...The Board is of the view that the use of the term “ Dispensing Optician” contravenes the restrictions on the use of the protected title “optician.”' Under the Health Practitioners Regulation National Law, an individual using this title 'who is not a registered health practitioner' could receive a maximum penalty of AUD$30,000 and in the case of a 'body corporate', AUD$60,000.” Intriguing. How would that play on the state level in the U.S., especially states that license opticians?

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