Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Making of Norman Childs--An Optician

"So, in 1979, after being turned down for a bank loan, but armed with seven credit cards, Childs opened up his own shop on lower Murray Avenue, dubbing the store 'Eyetique,' a named coined by his grandmother." This is part of the story about Norman Childs, an opitician, which recently appeared in The Jewish Chronicle. "The business took off in 1986, he said, when, after sheer persistence, he was able to convince Oliver allow him to be its first and exclusive distributor....Now 35 years later, Childs has 16 stores — including three under the name 3 Guys Optical, which features overruns sold at deep discounts — and his own line of 'Norman Childs' eyewear." Read more.

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