Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day in the Life of an Optician

We received the following email from the Opticians Association of America. We thought we would share.

Vision Monday is seeing how vast and manifold the optical industry is every single day. For their Sept. 1st issue, they would like to show their readers just how diverse and vibrant this industry is by asking different segments to document different parts of their day.

What does your company do each day that is interesting or particularly representative of your field? They are asking you to photograph and log at least 4-6 moments over the course of the next two weeks that you feel best represent or characterize what some of the various departments of your company do.

From the mundane to the outrageous they want to see it all. They've asked folks from all over the industry to do the same and they will plot them all out in the September issue in order to share with you all just how great and multifaceted the optical industry in the United States is.

They are offering the option of providing you with a disposable camera and printed worksheets to record the moments (as well as a self-addressed and stamped return envelope). You are of course also welcome to use your own digital camera and email them the images, as well as the completed worksheet, if that makes you more comfortable.

They are expecting a lot of amazing pictures, so they ask that you please email your worksheet and images back to John Sailer (Senior Editor, Vision Monday) at (or return your worksheet and camera that will be included in the envelope) by July 25th.

Please let them know which you would prefer (and provide a mailing address if you'd like the camera) so they can get you everything you need ASAP!

Click Here for the "A Day in the Life" Worksheet.  Have Fun!!!

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