Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Scanner Helps Diagnose Amblyopia and Strabismus

A new clinical study published in in JAMA Ophthalmology has identified REBIScan's Pediatric Vision Scanner (PVS) as superior approach to testing preschool children for amblyopia and strabismus. Study author Reed Jost, senior author Dr. Eileen Birch, and their colleagues from the Retina Foundation of the Southwest tested 300 children using the PVS (and also using Welch Allyn's SureSight autorefractor), and then examined the children individually. In an independent study supported by the Thrasher Research Fund, they found that the PVS significantly outperformed the SureSight in sensitivity, identifying 97% of children affected by the targeted conditions, and made significantly fewer unnecessary referrals of healthy children (better specificity). Read more.

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