Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Autofocusing Contact Lenses: Why not?

The Google-Novartis (Alcon) contact lens deal has re-ignited conversation about the future of contact lenses. Here's a part of what the MIT Technology Review discussed this week: "Quinn also believes that drug delivery may be another use for future contact lenses. If a lens could dispense medication slowly over long periods of time, it would be better for patients than the short, concentrated doses provided by eye drops, he says. Such a lens is not easy to make, though (see 'A Drug-Dispensing Lens'). The autofocusing lens is in an earlier stage of development, but the goal is for it to adjust its shape depending on where the eye is looking, which would be especially helpful for people who need reading glasses. A current prototype of the lens uses photodiodes to detect light hitting the eye and determine whether the eye is directed downward. Leveiller says the team is also looking at other possible techniques." Read more.

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