Friday, May 23, 2014

Temporary Headaches from Google Glasses?

"After Betabeat tried Google Glass for the first time at Google HQ in New York, both writers experienced a sharp pain after about ten minutes, which went away shortly after we took it off," reports Betabeat. "On our second visit, we asked the team at Google Glass base camp in New York how they were managing the headache issue. They seemed baffled by the question. To be fair, scientists and doctors have always had trouble figuring out what causes some common kinds of headaches, and there’s no easy explanation for why users would get headaches." Eventually Google put Betabeat in contact with Dr. Eli Peli, the Harvard optometrist whom Google consulted with about ocular discomfort. "To keep the user’s head up, they placed it to the upper-right. While this positioning can keep the user from crashing into things, it can also cause sharp eye pain....'You’re on one leg [or the other] as you walk, but try to stand on one leg for a long time and you’ll feel tension, because you’re not using it how it’s normally used,' Dr. Peli said. 'If you’re looking at the Glass for a minute, you’re holding it there for sixty times longer than normal.' Google Glass wasn’t designed with the hope users would stare at it at length, but for 'micro-uses.'" Read more.

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