Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Google Glasses

"The Raspberry Pi Foundation has linked to an Adafruit tutorial for tinkerers that want to turn the pocket computer into a Google Glass competitor," writes The Inquirer. "The foundation introduced the Raspberry Pi driven spectacles on its blog, saying that the tutorial shows users how to build a wearable display that clicks onto any pair of glasses. The composite display from a pair of "Private Display Glasses", that is, glasses that allow you to watch immersive video from the comfort of your own sofa, bed or deckchair, is placed into a 3D printed shell - the files for the shell are available on Thingiverse - and attached to a Raspberry Pi along with a mini-keyboard that 'lives in your pocket,' according to Raspberry Pi spokesperson Liz Upton." Read more. Google undoubtedly would debate whether that captures the entire capabilities of Google Glasses.

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