Saturday, May 17, 2014

Optician Designs Own Eyewear

"In her Gastown glasses shop, Sara Moshurchak’s eyes dance behind chic, slightly pointy cat-eye frames," reports the Vancouver Sun. "The custom frame maker gets so animated when talking about glasses that her eyes flit from one pair of frames to another in her tastefully appointed store....To Moshurchak, glasses aren’t just glasses. They are a fashion statement and the first thing you see on a person’s face when you greet them. Think of Johnny Depp and his iconic eyeglasses....She is unusual not only in that she doesn’t fit the mould in appearance but also for what she does. As far as she knows, she is the only person in Canada who offers completely handmade eye glass frames from start to finish and only one of two women in the world who offer such finery, the other one being in Paris. "It’s a dying art,' she laments, adding the ability to hand-produce quality goods needs to be passed on from generation to generation." Read more.

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