Saturday, May 24, 2014

Asian CL Manufacturers Need to Upgrade

A 57-page report from Japan's National Consumer Affairs Center is questioning the quality and safety of colored and limbal ring contact lenses sold in Japan and Asia Pacific. The report, entitled "Safety of Color Contact Lenses," states that some manufacturers inaccurately claim "no pigment on the surface" of their lenses when in fact they do. The report also stated that where and how these pigments are embedded has been a key source of claims from various manufacturers. The report, co-sponsored by the Japan Ophthalmological Association (JOA) and the Japan Contact Lens Society (JCLS), focused on product attributes and side effects. Issues raised by the NCAC report ranged from lenses being out of specification for base curve or diameter; lenses being too thick and potentially affecting oxygen transmissibility to pigment found on the surface of lenses; and side effects like corneal swelling.

It has four "demands" for manufacturers: 1. meet their product specifications; 2. improve CL design for such things as pigment on the surface of the lens; 3. avoid misleading, and difficult to understand advertising and 4. make patient literature available. The report also highlighted that Johnson & Johnson's 1-Day Acuvue Define CLs and Acuvue2 Define had no color pigment on the surface of its lenses. Read more of the release on Yahoo! Finance Canada.

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