Monday, October 21, 2013

Opticians from the Northeast Rav about Fall Conference

Scores of opticians from the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island raved about the presentations at OpticalCEUs Annual Fall Conference. Presentation after presentation, veteran opticians approached speakers before they could leave the stage. The audience members were wishing them congratulations. "During your one presentation, I learned more than I did an entire other conference" was how one attendee expressed his appreciation to Deborah Kotob of Vision-Ease. Joe Forte of Raymond Opticians and Greenwich Ophthalmology, an Advanced Level III ABO/NCLE speaker, and Linda Conlin, founder of the conference, also received similar accolades after their presentations. "It was obvious that our attendees thought that the Fall 2013 continuing education conference was our most successful endeavor," reported Conlin. More details about the conference will be provided during the coming week.

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