Saturday, October 19, 2013

3D Printing and Eyewear

"It follows suit that 3-D printing is a solid match for spectacles. But more specifically, 3-D printing is a boon to anyone who wants bespoke frames. It’s a niche market that designers like Tom Davies have cornered and profited handsomely on by charging somewhere in the thousands for a pair of custom frames, the extra cost attached to the extra time and labor that comes with the personalization," according to Fast Company Design. "But a 3-D printer, of course, can speed up manufacturing, which is exactly how Protos works. “We’re making an experience where instead of someone going into an eyewear specialist, you go online and take two pictures of yourself,” explains James Peo, one of the co-founders. Peo, who owns a chain of eyewear stores, can then style a pair of frames that best fits the customer’s unique arch, eyebrow, and bone structure." Read more.

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