Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FL’s Health Dept. Cracks Down on Shops Selling Decorative Contact Lenses

“You know those crazy colored contact lenses that people like to buy this time of year – the ones that make your eyeballs look like black spots in your face or cat’s eyes or zombie eyes? Well, they’re supposed to be available only with a prescription, but it seems some Florida stores have been selling them illegally.” That’s the word from Orlando Weekly. “Today the state Department of Health announced that it issued 47 cease-and-desist orders to stores around the state (including six stores in Orlando) telling them that for selling these things without a license, they could be slapped with felony-level criminal charges. Ouch. The list of places slapped on the wrist for selling them include beauty supply stores, wig stores, dollar stores, a “Quick Stop” food market and a Shell gas station>” Read more.

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