Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blind Army Vet Gets to Ride a Bicycle with New Contact Lenses

Jeff Henson has been riding bikes for years. In 2012, he rode a bike coast to coast across the United States. Before that, the Army veteran took long rides in France and in the American Northwest, always on the back seat of a tandem bike. Henson was legally blind during those rides.

In 2000, Henson, an Army veteran and native of Heflin, AB, developed vision issues caused by arthritis and inflammation. He went through rehabilitation. He got a cane and a service dog, Chauncey. And he started riding in the back seat of a tandem bicycle. In 2013, during a routine visit at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Birmingham, his physicians sent him to an optometrist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Carol Rosenstiel, O.D., chief of the contact lens service. Read more.

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