Thursday, October 18, 2012

Selling Decorative CLs

New York based Eye Care Associates is giving away daily a free box of color contact lenses to help Facebook "friends" complete their Halloween costume look. Individuals must be a Fan/Follower of CLE Contact Lenses on Twitter, and they must pin the pair of color contact lenses from Freshlook Color Blends Color Contact Lenses or Acuvue 2 Enhancer Color Contact Lenses to their Pinterest account. Finally they must leave a Facebook comment daily describing why they should win. CLE will select a winner daily. The company adds that if an individual has a zero power, he/she must provide a prescription.

Meanwhile reports already are coming in from emergency rooms around the country of individuals, usually young women, who have damaged their eyes wearing decorative contact lenses sold illegally at dollar-discount shops, beauty parlors, and gasoline stations. Maybe it is time for ECPs to take a page from companies such as Eye Care Associates. Start selling  these novelties--insisting on prescriptions and regular fittings.

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