Saturday, October 6, 2012

French Eyewear Chain Magnate Comes Out against Government Subsidies for Eyewear

"Eyecare tycoon Alain Afflelou has said glasses should no longer be reimbursed by social security," according to The Connextion. "Afflelou, who founded the chain of 700 shops bearing his name in France, says glasses are a consumer product and that 'not seeing well is not an illness.' In France they are state-reimbursed at a low-level, with many people having some or all of the rest topped up by their private mutuelleinsurances. If glasses were not state-reimbursed, said Affelou there would be 'an electric shock for a few months and then people would start consuming again' because glasses are 'useful and necessary,' unlike the many 'useless things' people spend money on." Read more.

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