Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Eyewear from Converse Kids

"Designed for the young rebellious mind, the new Converse Kids collection pushes boundaries and provides a blank canvas for creativity. Combining high quality and reliability, the collection has the on-trend tastes and freedom of personal expression that today’s younger generation demands," according to Midwest Lens. "The new Converse Kids collection celebrates the spontaneity of youth with easy-to-wear shapes, energetic colors and irreverent designs. Showcasing premium craftsmanship, each frame is also handmade, and fastened with authentic riveted five to eight barrel hinges. Recently introduced in the Converse All Star adult line, the new Twist ‘N’ Turn Temples for Converse Kids are offered in the K020 style for boys and in the K022 style for girls. Twist ‘N’ Turn Temples can be turned around, revealing a new, fun color that you can show off. A new opportunity for constant self-expression among Converse aficionados, the Twist ‘N’ Turn Temples are relevant in an age where your personal style varies from day-to-day and customization is a must. Young consumers can now change their eyewear on a whim, uniquely making it ‘your own.’" Read more.

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