Saturday, July 4, 2015

Goodwin Ophthalmic Science Program Helps Mother of Two to Change Careers

Michele Miller, single mother of two, decided she wanted a new career after a dozen as an oral surgery assistant. She enrolled in Goodwin College’s Ophthalmic Science program. The college's evening program enabled her to work full-time in order to support her family. Meanwhile, the program has already allowed her to get into the ophthalmic field. Even though she has two semesters to go, Miller landed a full-time position in the field. “I was encouraged by my professors, I put my resume out there, and I got the job,” Miller stated in a recent issue of Goodwin ENews. She advocates for the program, noting that individuals thinking about enrolling shouldn't "shy away from the program because of your age. I’ve met students from all walks of life here, and I’ve learned something from everyone. If you have doubts, come visit Goodwin. You’ll understand.” Read more.

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