Saturday, March 28, 2015

MYKITA Sets Marketing Campaign in NYC

"The 2015 MYKITA campaign is set amidst the cityscapes of New York – at locations that open up unconventional perspectives of the metropolis: on a small city beach in Dumbo, across the roofs of Brooklyn and along the High Line, a now disused historic freight rail line elevated above the streets of Manhattan. The urban landscape comprising skyscrapers, linear facades and grey concrete provides the backdrop for the campaign, as well as an aesthetic contrast to the city’s greenery," notes Midwest Lens. "New York-based photographer and artist Mark Borthwick has been working with MYKITA for the last seven years. He invited family members, friends and professional models to become subjects for the 2015 campaign. The photographs are accompanied by poems in the traditional Japanese haiku form. British poet Nicholas Hogg composed them specially for the MYKITA lookbook, capturing three-line snap shots of a stroll through the city." Read more.

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