Monday, March 23, 2015

Fashion Eyewear as Seen by British Opticians

"If opticians used the language of dress designers, they might talk this year in terms of 'the winged look.' Most of the latest fashions in spectacles on view in the annual exhibition of the Northern Optical Congress which opened here today seemed to be based on a sloping winged shape, and one design even projected a pair of wings across the forehead," says The Guardian. "'Exotic' is the word the more conservative opticians used to describe the styles of the last few years, as if they regretted the passing of the old horn-rimmed, and 'exotic' most of this year’s exhibits looked, with names like 'Mischief,' shaped like lorgnettes, and good-looking girls to show them off, against a background of daffodils and the Southport boulevards." Read more.

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