Thursday, March 5, 2015

Make Your Look Younger? That's the Claim of a new Acuvue Lens

"Between correcting crow's feet, saggy necks, flabby arms and wrinkly hands, the beauty industry seems to have run out of aging body parts to fix. But now, they're invading our eyes. Limbal rings are the slightly darkened circles around our irises that become less defined as we age. So, why should we care? Psychologists say we unconsciously judge how attractive or young someone is based on the size and shade of their limbal rings," begins the Today's Show Health Report. "Contact lens brand Acuvue recently launched a new way to beautify with 'Define' lenses, which aim to enhance the limbal rings. The company has been selling similar cosmetic lenses — in both prescription and non-prescription forms — throughout Asia for about 10 years, but they first became available in North America this fall." Read more.

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