Monday, November 10, 2014

NFL Players Sporting Decorative Contact Lenses

"NFL players are known to express their individuality. It's harmless fun, usually in the form of eyeblack patters or maybe even a special big-play celebration. However, Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams took it to another level on Sunday," reports Fox Sports. He wore red contact lenses.

The sports network continued with the following: "That's cool. And freaky. And also not unique. Another helpful soul on social media spotted Falcons defender Kroy Biermann rocking red lenses as well."  Read more.

Apparently Williams, Biermann, and the sportswriter overlook the problem of imitation. How many Friday-night players will now run to their nearest convenience store or gas station to buy decorative contact lenses? Each Halloween too many adults and adolescents suffer harm simply because they are not purchasing CLs from doctors.

Speaking of which, "a dozen retailers in the Los Angeles area are facing federal charges for selling illegal contact lenses designed to look like cat’s eyes, CBS Los Angeles is reporting. Dubbed 'Operation Cat Eyes,' the contact lens crackdown targeted multiple retail outlets–several of which were temporary operations selling Halloween merchandise–that sold the illegal contact lenses. According to KSBY in San Luis Obispo, the illegal cat-eye contacts were contaminated with bacteria that can cause blindness," says Inquisitr. "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers all contact lenses, even cosmetic or decorative contacts, as prescription medical devices that must be regulated by the FDA. In other words, as far as the FDA is concerned, people can’t use decorative cat-eye contacts unless you have a prescription for regular contacts." Read more.

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